What’s Your First Memory of Giving Someone a Gift?

What’s Your First Memory of Giving Someone a Gift?

Children learn young the joy in giving

As a child I learned that it's better to give than receive.

As a young girl, I had been in and out of foster homes and a new family had come to adopt me! I would have a sister!  I did not have much but a little suitcase that I carried from home to home. Somewhere I had been given two coloring books!  I absolutely loved to color!  I loved art!  But I really loved that I had the opportunity to give something to my new “sister”. One of my new beloved coloring books. It may sound like a sacrificial gift, but all I remember was the joy I felt that I actually had something to give to this new family who had opened up their homes and hearts for me. I did’nt understand everything that was happening to me, but I understood that I loved to give!

That’s what I remember most about adoption day. I got a new family and I had a gift to give! It feels so good to give gifts. It feels so good to be a blessing….to put a smile on someone's face. 

Joining as a member with Times & Seasons Shop, you can always be  ready to give a gift with our beautiful gift cloths. We hope that you too will discover a lifestyle of giving that brings joy and makes a way for establishing your connection with others.  Giving gifts communicates your feelings of appreciation and makes a way for peace to be established. 

Come join our community!

Come find joy in giving:)


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